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Have you always been drawn to electric bass? Maybe you tried learning before and never found time to practice—or maybe you stopped taking bass lessons because you didn’t advance. Perhaps, you never found the right instructor.


Now you can study bass online with bassist, composer, and educator Daniel Gazmuri. Meet with Daniel via Zoom or Meet. Get lessons tailored to your interests, and learn from the comfort of your own home.


Daniel’s path in music has led him to classrooms, studios, and performance venues around the world. He honed his skills and teaching methods over years of study and practice. His approach to bass is simple, fun, and progressive.


Lessons with Daniel include study materials, such as PDFs and MP3s. All you need is your instrument, an amplifier, and a cell phone or computer—and a desire to learn.


Dust off your electric bass! Learn to create your own bass lines, play your favorite songs, compose your own music, improvise, and apply new musical concepts to your projects and bands. Daniel will help you take your musicianship to the next level.



Daniel Gazmuri is a bassist, composer, and educator. He has worked with such internationally renowned musicians as Oscar Stagnaro (Peru), Angelo Pierattini (Chile), Louise Denson (Canada), Bruce Woodward (Australia), Dan Quigley (Australia), and Andres Perez (Chile).


Gazmuri has performed in numerous festivals and historic venues in his native Chile. He has played Victor Jara Stadium, Espacio Diana, El Bosque Jazz Festival, and Teatro Providencia, as well as Jazz Music Institute in Brisbane, Australia. He has also been featured on Sala Master of the  University of Chile Radio and the Chilevisión program "Imparables".


In 2020, Gazmuri released "Camino", his first record of original material. The album features Mauricio Rodriguez (guitar), Daniel Rodriguez (drums), and Javiera Abufhele (vocals, piano, and lyrics).


Gazmuri was a cofounder of the band Paloma Negra, which won the Margot Loyola Roots Music Award (2017) from the Chilean Society of Authors and Musical Performers.


As an educator, Gazmuri has given master classes with Ernesto Holman, Igor Saavedra, Christian Galvez, and Camilo Torres. During his formative years, he studied in Chile, Australia, India, France, and Brazil under Luis Cheul, Miguel Perez, Jorge Diaz, Gerardo Dirie, Chandra Kand Prasad, Dominique di Piazza, and Thiago Espirito Santo.


In 2019, he participated as an exhibitor at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, United States, with Quintay Straps. In same year, he obtained third place with Javiera Abufhele Quintet in the "Meeting for Song and Memory" that was held at the Víctor Jara Festival of Art and Memory (FAM).

Gazmuri endorses Singular Sound, Tribe Guitars, Ergo Straps, Analysis Plus and Rotosound.


Originally from Temuco, Chile, Daniel Gazmuri now makes his home in Santiago.



"Nuevos conceptos de Improvisación" es un libro conformado por 3 volúmenes creados para bajistas, contrabajistas, chelistas, trombonistas, fagotistas y tubistas que quieran profundizar en la improvisación musical y el desarrollo del lenguaje propio. En este primer volumen, podrás aprender el sistema tonal mayor y sus modos diatónicos a través de secuencias, intervalos, arpegios y triadas. Incluye, 22 backing tracks producidos en Estados Unidos para estudiar los ejercicios y conceptos. Además, el libro viene con una versión a color y otra en blanco y negro en formato PDF para ser imprimidas o utilizadas en cualquier dispositivo como computador, tablet o celular. Si quieres dar el salto al siguiente nivel y empezar a improvisar  en cualquier estilo musical con tus propias ideas y melodías, este es el libro que necesitas!

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